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Many people question God’s timing regarding healing miracles. They believe that God wants to heal them, but they aren’t confident that He wants to do it right now.

This timing issue is a source of doubt that hinders healing miracles. And the miracle not showing up seems to confirm what you believe about God’s timing.

When you question God’s timing regarding healing, you’ve engaged in a form of doubt that prevents the miracle from happening. The miracle not happening proves what you believe about God’s timing, even though what you believe is not true.

I will help you overcome this doubt so you can receive the healing miracles that belong to you. Physical healing is one of the benefits of your salvation. It is always God’s will to heal.

To start, you should know that we have no example of Jesus delaying a healing miracle. He never said, “Well, today’s not your day. Come back tomorrow.”

Jesus Christ is God’s goodness made manifest. If we want to know what God wants and how He does things, look no further than Jesus’s example.

Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Nothing else. He only said what the Father said. Nothing else. Jesus was in perfect alignment with God. He revealed to us the mystery of God.

So, the fact that Jesus never delayed a healing miracle is enough proof on its own that God doesn’t delay healing miracles. This reveals that any delay we experience is not God’s doing.

Because of what Jesus revealed regarding healing, we can be absolutely confident that God always wants to heal right now. It’s always His will to heal, and He always wants to heal right now.

The absolute void of Jesus delaying healing is enough proof on its own. But, I will take it a step further to ensure you get rid of this doubt once and for all.

Turn with me to Matthew chapter eight.

Matt 8:28-29 NLTWhen Jesus arrived on the other side of the lake, in the region of the Gadarenes, two men who were possessed by demons met him. They came out of the tombs and were so violent that no one could go through that area. They began screaming at him, “Why are you interfering with us, Son of God? Have you come here to torture us before God’s appointed time?”

So, let me get this straight. A man comes to Jesus to be delivered from demons. The demons start throwing a fit, trying to prevent Jesus from casting them out.

Did you catch the bait they used to try to trip Jesus up? They said, “Have you come to torture us before God’s appointed time?”

This ought to encourage you! Jesus faced the same deception we do today. When we go to receive healing, one of the oppositions we face is, “Are you trying to receive before God’s appointed time?”

Let me ask you this. Can you trust what a demon says? Do you think these demons had insight into the timing of God that Jesus was unaware of?

Clearly not. If you keep reading, you will find that Jesus cast out the demons. They tried to get Jesus to believe it wasn’t time, but Jesus didn’t give in to their deception.

So, what is God’s timing regarding healing?

Scripture makes it plain:

1 Peter 2:24 NKJV – …by whose stripes you were healed.

From God’s perspective, healing is in the past! The provision for healing has already been made through Jesus Christ. He is just waiting for you to receive what rightfully belongs to you.

It’s like an inheritance. Everything within that inheritance is from the past. All that money your ancestor acquired is sitting in the bank waiting for you.

If you don’t receive it, it doesn’t mean the inheritance is not real. You just don’t enjoy the benefits until you partake of the inheritance that already belongs to you.

The provision of healing has already been made. Jesus Christ acquired it for us and then gave it to us as part of our inheritance. What a slap in the face when we don’t partake of our inheritance!

I’ve now proven to you in two different ways that delayed healing is not God’s doing. First, there is no mention of Jesus delaying a healing miracle. Second, demons are the ones who lie about God’s timing to delay healing.

It is always God’s will to heal, and He always wants to heal right now. Are you tracking with me?

I still have one more way to prove to you that delayed healing is not God’s doing. This one is like an atomic bomb to this kind of doubt.

The first miracle Jesus ever performed was turning water into wine. They ran out of wine at a wedding party Jesus was attending, and His mom prompted Him to do something about it.

Take a look at His response:

John 2:4 NLT – “Dear woman, that’s not our problem,” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.”

Jesus’ mom wanted a miracle, but Jesus told her it wasn’t time. Many would use this to prove it may not be God’s time to heal. But that would be a dumb thing for us to pull out of this scripture.

Seems logical, but it is actually really dumb. Why? Because you didn’t take into consideration what happened next.

When Jesus said it wasn’t time, His mom doubled down. She gave Jesus the silent treatment, turned to the nearby servants, and said, “Do whatever He says.”

Her faith put a demand on Jesus to do something.

Did you know that God is obligated to respond to faith? Take a look:

Mark 11:24 NLT – I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.

When you ask in faith, without doubt, and free from unforgiveness, God is obligated by His Word to respond. God is obligated by His own Word to respond to pure faith.

So, what happened here? Jesus’ mom had pure faith. She didn’t doubt one bit, even after Jesus told Her it wasn’t time. She put a faith demand on Jesus, and He was obligated to respond.

Jesus had the servants fill huge jars with water. Then, He had them dip water out and take it to the master of ceremonies. It was the best wine he had ever tasted.

If you want to use this story to confirm the doubt that it isn’t God’s time to heal, think again. Even if it wasn’t His time, if we ask Him in faith, He will give us what we ask for.

Let me say that again. Even if it wasn’t His time, if we ask Him in faith, He will give us what we ask for. Why? Because God is obligated by His Word to respond to our faith.

This hits hard, doesn’t it? I just blew that doubt to smithereens.

God’s will is always to heal, and He always wants to heal right now.

If we experience a delay in our healing miracle, it’s not God’s doing. Instead of blaming Him, it would be much better for us to humble ourselves and ask where we are missing it.

Humility is required to receive from God. He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. You might as well learn to admit that you don’t have it all figured out. You need God’s help.

Some of you think putting a faith demand on God is prideful. If that were the case, Jesus would have rebuked his mom instead of responding to her faith.

It’s never prideful to do what God has instructed us to do in His Word. He said we can pray for anything, and if we believe we received it, it will be ours.

What’s prideful is when we blame God for a lack of healing. When we say, “It must not be God’s time”, pride is at work. You are leaning on your own understanding. You are trying to define God by your own standards.

Pride is sneaky. Telling someone, “It must not be God’s time,” sounds like a humble statement, but it is full of pride. We only say things like that when we have become wise in our own eyes.

Pride is like a wet blanket to the fire of faith. We have all the faith we need right within our spirit. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us.

But for faith to come out of our spirit and into this natural realm, it must first renew our minds and then be spoken. When pride is present, it prevents our minds from being renewed.

Pride is only obvious in others. We are blind to our own pride but fully aware of everyone else’s. But if we humble ourselves, the Holy Spirit makes us aware of our own pride so we can get rid of it.

That’s what He is doing for you today. The Holy Spirit is working to uproot all forms of doubt so you can live in ALL the promises of God. He wants you to experience ALL of His goodness.

A Healing Evangelist’s Battle with Cancer

I recently heard of a healing evangelist who went to the doctor and found out he had cancer. It wasn’t some light form of cancer either. He only had a few months left to live.

This is a man who devoted his life to the Lord’s work. God used his hands and his words to heal and deliver thousands of people.

Most would look at this situation and say, “How could God allow this to happen? Doesn’t He see what a good man this is? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

But that’s not what this man did. He went straight home from the doctor’s office and began to pray. He said, “God, you don’t miss it. So clearly, I have. Show me where the problem is.”

Holy Spirit revealed two things to him.

First, the Lord had been urging him to rest for years. He obeyed for a while but then returned to his old habits of working too much.

Second, the Lord had been instructing him to say things he didn’t want to say in his sermons. He hadn’t got around to it quite yet because people wouldn’t like what he was supposed to say.

These were two areas of disobedience in his life. This is not to say that perfect obedience is required to receive a healing miracle. That’s not the case. Healing is a free gift.

What the Holy Spirit was helping him with in this case was diagnosing where the sickness came from.

I don’t want to live my life needing healing miracle after healing miracle.

I would rather step into God’s flow of health. To do that, obedience to His instructions is required.

If we want to flow in the promises of God, we must flow with God. We can’t be off doing our own thing. We can’t ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Do you think He instructs us for no reason? The leadings from Holy Spirit are preventative measures. Sure, you can receive a healing miracle, but it’s much better not to get sick in the first place.

This healing evangelist knew that cancer was not part of God’s plan for his life. So, he humbled himself and asked, “God, you don’t miss it. So show me where I missed it?”

Then he humbled himself again and repented. I’m not talking about saying sorry. I’m talking about abandoning yourself to God’s way and doing exactly what He says.

This man went back to the doctor a few weeks later, and they could find no evidence of cancer in his body. The cancer that was supposed to kill him in a matter of months was completely healed.

It is always God’s will to heal, and He always wants to heal right now. When we are not seeing the right now healing of God, we should take a tip from this man of God.

Humble yourself. Recognize that you don’t have it all figured out. Admit that you are missing something and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. And when He does, correct it quickly!

Holy Spirit already did that for some of you today. The “God’s timing” issue has been the doubt tripping you up.

If that’s you, I invite you to repent from all the times you’ve said, “It must not be God’s time to heal.” Repentance is an act of humility that destroys pride.

So, go ahead and destroy that pride by choosing to right where you are.

You’ve just removed the wet blanket. Now the fire of faith can do its work. I’m going to throw some perfectly seasoned wood on the fire and you are going to receive your healing miracle today.

About the Author

Kade Young

Kade Young is the lead pastor of NoLimits Church.